Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby Eve Annalise

Well she has arrived!!! Mia's little sister arrived on 22nd December at 4:31pm. She was 6lbs 13oz, 50.5cm long and her head was 34.5cm circumference. We named her Eve Annalise. The Annalise was because of my Grandmother. Her name was Anne and we wanted something that contained Anne in it. The delivery went fairly smoothly...

It was decided that I would be induced due to the difficult delivery that I had with Mia. With Mia they said if she was any bigger it would have been a c-section delivery due to my narrow pelvis bones. As a result, with this pregnancy we did a grown scan at 35/36 weeks to see how big the baby was because if she was measuring bigger we were going to induce to try and make sure it was a natural delivery. I went into the hospital the night before (the 21st) and they checked dilation. I was ONLY 1cm!! They then put in the gel and then the fun began. I had a HORRIBLE night. Massive cramping, contractions etc. I thought for sure labour was officially going to start. They gave me a sedative to try and help me sleep but it did NOTHING! First thing in the morning my obstetrician came in and checked how dilated I was. After ALL that suffering overnight I had only moved to 2cm dilation. She then broke my waters and we hoped the contractions would start coming! Unfortunately that didn't happen. I was walking the halls back and forth to try and get things "moving" but after a couple of hours of nothing my ob told the midwives to set up the drip to get things going. It was at that point that I decided I was going to have the epidural. Because we weren't sure if this would be another forceps delivery I made the decision to get the epidural early rather than wait and see what would happen. So they called the anethetist and he was there within about 20mins. He put in the epi (which BY FAR was the worst part of the labour experience!!) and then the drip was started. Because of the epi I was bed bound for the rest of the labour. The drip started working about 11:30am and my ob came back around 1pm to see how dilated I was. 4cms...ONLY 4cms!! I was sure I was going to be there all night at that rate!! They kept increasing the drip to bring on more regular contractions. By about 4pm I was feeling the more intense contractions (not painful but I knew they were there) and started to feel pressure. My ob arrived again right after that and checked and I was ready to push!! Yippee!!! 5 contractions later and Eve arrived. She decided to do things quickly though. Most babies will get their head out first and then on the next contraction the body will come out. Not Eve. She came out all in one push. Surprised everyone - even the ob and the 2 midwives! The 2 midwives were busy having their own conversation and didn't even notice her come out until the ob called out "ummm ladies, we have a baby!". It was quite funny really!! Within 15mins Eve was breastfeeding like a champ - a totally different experience to Mia!! I didn't get back to my room till almost 10pm. It took a while for the epi to wear off so they didn't want to move me till then.

All in all Eve is a wonderful baby. She sleeps quite well and feeds like a trooper. I am so excited for her to get bigger though because I want to see her play with her big sister and I am so curious to see what she will look like and what her personality will be like. In terms of comparing Mia and Eve as babies, the temperament is basically identical so it will be so interesting to see if Eve is like Mia personality wise!!

Anyways, here are a few sneak peaks of the pics taken by Jae Photography of my beautiful girls and Eve!

Oh and I just realised I am going to have to update my blog header now that I have 2 little princesses!!! :)