Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where On Earth Do I Start??!?!

Oh my goodness. How long has it been since I have posted??!?!? What a crazy few weeks it has been. I am not even sure where to start with this post because so much has been going on. Hmmmmm, okay strap yourselves I go!

Subject 1 : Moving

Since my last post (which was made when we were still in our old house) we have officially moved into our new house. The first couple of weeks have been crazy!!! Most of our evenings have been spent putting up venetian blinds in the master bedroom, media room, retreat and lounge room. The problem that we discovered was that they were all about 1cm too wide to fit inside the window frame (which was where we wanted them) so we had to cut each one. And by cut I mean cut all the slats and the metal bracket along the top. It was quite an ordeal as we had 11 of them to install! But they are all done now - thank goodness! Now all we have to do is finish the blockout blinds in the study, bedroom 2 and 3 and the spare bathroom/toilet.

Unpacking is happening slowly. Things are looking a lot less chaotic than they were a week ago. I still have tons to do but I am pleased with the progress so far.

We have had some issues with the backyard and the landscapers. They came, they worked, they finished (took them WAY longer than what it was supposed to) and the job wasn't done very well. David has had to go out and do some touching up of the leveling of the grass which hasn't been fun. Then we had torrential rain for a day the other week and we came home after being out for the day to a partially flooded backyard. Since the landscapers didn't level the yard well enough there is water pooling in the middle of the yard. Now we are going to have to spend hundreds of dollars getting drainage put in. The joys of building a house!

Subject 2: Mia

Mia is doing well and has adjusted quite well to the big move. It was terrible timing with her accident happening right before we moved but overall she has been a champ. We have been having to make weekly visits to the hospital to have her bandage changed and her injury assessed and it has been going well. At our visit last week they told me that they wouldn't need to see us for a month and that I can leave the bandage off her finger and allow it to air out and finish healing. It still looked pretty rough for the first week but within that week all the dead skin and scabs fell off to reveal the new skin growing underneath. Her fingernail was looking pretty bad (they had to remove it during surgery and re-attach it). The surgeon did say that she might lose the nail and grow a new one and guess what?? This morning her nail fell off. Thank goodness - it was looking disgusting! I think I can see new growth already so hopefully the new one is straight and looks like the rest of her nails!!

I was going to write more but to be honest I can't be bothered! I have given an overview of what is happening so that should be enough to satisfy all my *loyal* fans!! LOL. I normally post a lot of photos but again, I can't be bothered spending the time doing that with so much else to do. If you do want to see the latest photos of the house check out my Facebook page. But I do want to post a few photos of my gorgeous Mia - I just can't get enough of her!

Chow for now!