Friday, May 28, 2010


It has been a few days since I have blogged, but to be honest there hasn't been too much to report. The roof trusses on the house were finished the other day and today the gutter and fascia went on. Monday will see the addition of the roof tiles which will be quite exciting!!

Mia and I have had a pretty boring week. We have gone to Lollipops a couple of times and been out and about doing various things. She has had a couple of days with good sleeps which is a welcome change. Some days she is still not sleeping though. And tonight, my poor baby, got really upset and vomitted...all over daddy, all over herself, all over the chair and all over the floor. She felt much better afterwards though! Not sure why she vomitted...hopefully it doesn't happen again tomorrow!!

I of course have still be taking pictures of my gorgeous girl. I put pigtails in her hair for the first time the other day...

And she really enjoyed her finger painting yesterday...

David's parents are coming over for lunch tomorrow - not sure what to make yet!!

Chow for now!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Esk Country Show

Yesterday was a big day! We drove up to Esk and spent some time with David's parents and went to the Esk Country Show. Mia had a great time showing Grandpa and Grandma how she can walk with a walker, then we had lunch and then it was off to the show!

Mia loved the show!! She got to pat the goats and lambs and see all kinds of animals like ducks, horses, llamas and many more!

She got to watch horses jumping...
She got to ride on daddy's shoulders...

She got to try cotton candy/fairy floss for the first time...and she loved it!!!

Then Mia started getting tired...

It was a huge day and she was one very tired girl during the car ride home...

It was a great day and Mia was SO well behaved! No crying at all - even when she got tired!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Roof Trusses

More exciting house news!! Most of the roof trusses have now been put up so our house is actually starting to look like a house!! We had rain today and as such no work was done on the house...boooooo!!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Once the trusses are all finished (which should only take 1 more day) then they start putting the tiles on the roof and all the brickwork, weatherboards and windows and external doors. I was told that it takes 2-3 weeks to finish the "enclosed" stage!! Can't wait!! Here are some roof trusses photos...

Mia's sleep still hasn't improved much. However, she did have a 2 1/2 hour sleep today!!!! WOOHOO!!!! What a nice change!! And she has been so much happier because of it!! She was in such a bad mood the other day that I had to take some photos of her crying and her facial expressions while she was crying...

I know, I am such a terrible mother for photographing her while she was crying but it was just too funny!! And she was like that ALL DAY!!! On the other hand, she is now walking like a pro with her walker!! Go Mia go!!

Over the last 2 days we have enjoyed a playtime at LOLLIPOPS Playland. Mia is loving it!! We will definitely go more often!! Check out the pics...

Looking forward to the weekend. We are supposed to go to the Esk Show tomorrow so Mia can visit the petting zoo and all the things that a Country Fair offers but we will see how the weather is. It was miserable today!!

And here is a happier Mia...

I have managed to complete 2 new scrapbooking pages in Mia's album. Here they are!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

This 'n That...

Nothing much has changed on the house since I posted the other day about the frame being up. Today we noticed they put up the support posts for the deck and connected the frame around the deck to the house. Here it is...

Also, the timber frames were all delivered today to form the roof frame so it looks like that will be going up tomorrow which is very exciting!! Can't wait to see that!! Here is the timber...

I also went to the block and took a few photos of what will become our backyard area. We have 2 different "areas" of yard - 1 right at the back of the house and one to the side of the house. I can't wait to move in, get grass down and Mia will have tons of room to play!!

I am going to start studying this week for my final exam for my University course I am taking. I have about 3 weeks till the big day and I haven't started studying yet so I guess I had better get going!!

Had a nice time at my scrapbooking workshop on the weekend but I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. Oh well!! There will be plenty more opportunities!

Mia is still being Mia. She is dancing (while sitting down) all the time and it is hilarious!! Check out my Facebook page for the video. So funny!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

House Frame

What excitement!! Our house frame went up today!! The roof frame hasn't gone up yet but the rest of the house has. I had a walk through this afternoon which was exciting! I got to see each room, guage the size of each room and get a general feel for the house. It was great. Here are some frame pictures...

Front of the House

Front Entry

Left Side of House (Family, Lounge and Media rooms)

Right Side of House

View of Family Room (far right) and where the deck will be on the left

Ensuite off Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom with WIR behind the bed

Dining Room


Mia didn't sleep very long today but her mood wasn't too bad. It was so cold this morning so we didn't get a chance to go for our walk around the lake this morning!

I am really looking forward to a full 8 hours of scrapbooking tomorrow. I am going to an 8 hour workshop so I hope I will get A LOT of pages done! I have finished Mia's 4 month photos so now onto the stack of 5 month ones!! I will get caught up...eventually!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Slab

FINALLY!!! We have a slab down on our block!! We are VERY excited!!! The slab was poured yesterday morning (11th May). I am not sure how long it takes to completely dry before they start putting the frame up but at least we have a slab!! We have waited so long for this to happen so we are so happy!!


Mia is still not really sleeping during the day. I took her to the doctor yesterday to make sure there wasn't anything "physically" wrong with her and there isn't. Her ears are fine, her throat is fine etc. The doctor and the child health nurse thinks it is her teeth causing it and it should hopefully work itself out. I sure hope so or else David will have to check me into a mental hospital!!! :)

Here are a few of the latest pics of my gorgeous girl...





Sunday, May 9, 2010


So...our slab was supposed to go down yesterday...but that didn't happen. The block was levelled ready for the slab prep back on 29th April and I was told at our site meeting the next day that the slab prep was going to occur the next Thurs and Fri and that the slab would go down on Sat. What our site supervisor didn't realise I think was that Thurs was a public holiday so nobody was working. That set things back a day and our slab didn't go down yesterday. I assume it will go down tomorrow. The block is all ready to go though. Here it is just ready and waiting for concrete.

Mia is still TERRIBLE with her daytime sleeps. I am kind of at my wits end as to what is going on. Yesterday she didn't sleep AT ALL - not even 10 minutes!! It was a long day...

We did take a few photos yesterday for our family's Mother's Day mini-celebration. Here are a few...






We are having David's parents over for Mother's Day lunch today. On the menu... slow cooker roast turkey, corn on the cob. zuchinni and roast potatoes and gravy. Yummm!!!!