Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Metal Plate

Sorry I have been a bit MIA...I had an accident last Monday and its seen me out of action since then. So what happened you ask? Well I had to go to the bank machine (in the pouring rain) to get some cash out and as I walked from the car to the bank machine my feet slipped out from under me and I fell on my backside and I put my left hand (palm down) down to break my fall. I fell hard...boy did I fall hard!! My wrist started to swell almost immediately. And by swell I mean it absolutely ballooned up!! The pain was enormous...the most intense thing since my sciatica pain back in 2009. Unfortunately I had to pick Mia up from school so after getting my cash out I had no choice but to get in the car and drive 1 handed (which is quite the feat when you have a manual) to Mia's school to get her. Even trying to get eve out of the car in the pouring rain 1-handed was SO hard. I got into Mia's school and asked the teachers for an ice pack. I was shaking from shock by that point but Mia's teachers were so wonderful. They helped get the girls into the car for me and I managed to get us all home. David got home from work about 1/2 hour later and took me straight to the doctor. The doc immediately sent me off for X-rays. By this point the pain was making me sick to my stomach...I couldn't move my wrist or arm at all. The doc got the X-rays and immediately I knew things were serious. 'The break isn't where I expected' he said. 'You will most likely need surgery' he said. 'You have not 1 but 3 fractures' he said. So they strapped it up, put on a sling and sent me to the ER. My good friend Jill was kind enough to take me to the ER and stay with me until they assessed what needed to happen. At the ER they did a CT scan and have me a temporary cast and made an appt for me to see the orthopedic surgeon the following morning. Went and saw Dr Jtham the following morning. He proceeded to tell me that what I had done was the worst break you could do to your wrist. He said surgery had to be done and a metal plate had to be put in as well as bone grafting done. The surgery was scheduled for Thursday morning. I was on strong painkillers to try and get through till the surgery. Thursday morning came around and I was looking forward to the surgery so that I could finally start recovering. I hated leaving my girls. I had to stay in hospital overnight as well. The surgery went well. Dr Jtham said my wrist looked great and that he didnt anticipate any further problems. I had a very hard time waking up from the anesthetic. It wasn't till about 8:30pm before I could keep my eyes open for any length of time. David brought the girls in for a visit and I looked shocking!! Lol. I had my morphine drip in, cast on my arm and oxygen tubing in my nose. Both girls handled it all so well though. I'm so proud of them! So I've been home now for a couple if days from the hospital. Starting to feel a bit more human. Pain is slightly better but I still need painkillers. My main problem (thanks to the painkillers) was severe constipation. 6 days later and things are now 'flowing' a bit better lol. All in all this has been a pretty traumatic experience...and it's not over yet. I see the surgeon again on Thursday when they will take off my cast and put on a splint. I will be in the splint for 3-4 weeks but its removable for showers etc. fingers crossed everything heals ok!!

That's all for now...I'm exhausted!!