Friday, June 25, 2010


I have been a bit slack with my scrapbooking lately but I have managed to complete a couple of layouts. Here are the most recent ones...

David is on holidays for the next 2 weeks so I am hoping to complete TONS more pages then!

For more of my layouts check out the scrapbooking page found under the header of my blog!

Gables and Such

Sickness is still all around is getting very frustrating!! My cold has hung around for almost 2 weeks now. Mia started out with a runny nose and then got a small cough and now she has a phlegmy cough which is not nice. Poor little thing! I guess you can look at it from the angle that her cold is moving "through the stages". First it was a dry cough, now it is a phlegmy cough so hopefully the cough will go away after this. Her nose isn't running to much anymore. She is still eating normally and everything and is generally quite happy so that is good. We had a nice walk around the lake yesterday...

saw some birds and fed the ducks...

and Mia had a great time in her bike...

The house is still coming along. They put the plasterboard and the timber slats up for the gable and put on the weatherboard. It all still needs to be painted but you get the idea...

Our doors were also delivered...

We will have a walk through this weekend when no one is around and see if anything more has been done inside.
Not much planned for today. Hoping that Mia has a GOOD LONG sleep....well I can always hope can't I??!?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sickness and More Sickness...

I hate being sick...and I hate when my baby girl is sick. Mia had her first fever last weekend and now has a cold. Runny nose, cough and generally unwell. She is still fairly happy though which is good! I have a cold and David has a cold so hopefully we all recover quickly.

No news on the house. Things seems to be moving so slowly now even though I am sure things are getting done!! Everything is happening inside now so it is a bit more difficult to see what is happening from day to day.

Sorry this post is so boring but there is just nothing to report. It is just sickness and more sickness!!

Even with sickness I can still get some cute photos of my gorgeous Mia...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Detox - Day 2 and 3

I am now on day 4 of my 10 day detox. I am doing well - still alive so I guess that is something!! I had been a bit difficult though because I have been sick with a cold. Not sure if I would normally start feeling cleansed yet because my cold is making me feel yuck. My eating has been good - I have been having scrambled eggs with mushrooms for breakfast, meat and veg for lunch and meat and veg for dinner. I haven't been snacking much during the day - I think my cold is making me not hungry. I do need to start drinking a bit more water though. I am drinking a good amount but I don't think it is enough.

Our bamboo arrived yesterday!!! It wasn't delivered until it was practically dark last night so David and the driver had a fun time unloading 1.3 tonnes of flooring under the cover of darkness. It took them about 1/2 an hour. It looks great! It is exactly what we wanted!! BUT we noticed a problem when we got it unpacked and checked...we are missing 10 boxes!! That equates to 20sqm of flooring which we have paid for an haven't received. I called the transport company and they said they delivered everything that they picked up so I have emailled the company we bought it from to see what is going on. Hopefully it gets sorted out! Here is what it looks like...

Other house news is they are working on plasterboarding the eaves...

and our watertank has been delivered...

We also noticed that they have done all the plugging up of the nail holes etc on all the walls/ceilings of the house to prepare for painting.

Mia is doing well. She seems to be basically feeling 100% again. She finally ate a full dinner last night - she had kind of gone off her veggies the last few days but hopefully last night we turned a corner. We will see what happens today!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Detox - Day 1

I have started my 10-day detox. Day 1 is almost over and it has been interesting. The program that I decided to go on is called the Blackmores 10 Day Detox Program. It is designed to help improve the functioning of your digestive system and help your body eliminate waste more effectively. It assists with sluggish liver functioning, balances and maintains healthy gut flora (sounds just lovely doesn't it??!?), helps cleanse the bowel and assists the removal of dead skin cells. Here it is...

The kit includes Digestive Bitters, Milk Thistle, Acidophilus Bifidus, Colon Care and a skin exfoliating mitt. Here is the schedule...

  • Every morning have a cup of vegetable juice.
  • 15mins before breakfast take 5mls of Digestive Bitters in a little water or juice
  • With breakfast take 1 x Milk Thistle and 2 x Acidophilus Bifidus


  • With lunch take 1 x Milk Thistle


  • 15mins before dinner take 5mls of Digestive Bitters in a little water or juice
  • With dinner take 1 x Milk Thistle and 2 x Acidophilus Bifidus

Before Bed:

  • DAYS 1-3 ONLY - take 1 level scoop of Colon Care mixed with a little water or juice

Right, so that is the plan. And so far today I have followed it. Go me!! They give you a food plan you can follow but it has all kinds of weird stuff that I don't eat and can't afford but the basis is to eat as many natural foods as possible. Here is what I had to eat today:

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a bit of cheese

Lunch - cous cous with vegetables and a can of tuna

Dinner - chicken breast with mushrooms and steamed veggies

For snacks they suggest thinks like fruit and yoghurt etc. I was not actually hungry for snacks to day so I didn't have any. They also say to drink 2 litres of water per day. Like I said, day 1 is almost over and I have survived. The worse part is the Digestive Bitters - it is THE MOST DISGUSTING thing I have ever ingested!!!

Anyhow, Mia is slowly starting to feel better after having a fever for the last couple of days. She is laughing and playing more but still isn't herself. She hasn't properly eaten in 3 days so I am hoping she improves more tomorrow. I can get her to eat breakfast and it is hit and miss with lunch but she basically refuses dinner. My poor little girl!!

Well off to ingest my disgusting Digestive Bitters before dinner...

Friday, June 11, 2010


Wow - our house is sure coming along!!! We were able to do a walk through the other day and it was so exciting. They have finished the bricks...

but we were so surprised to notice when we did the walk through that they have put up probably about 75% of the plasterboard already inside the house!! How exciting!!

I have just received the invoice through from the builders saying we have reached the "Enclosed" stage so I will have to drive out there this afternoon and make sure everything is in order!! It is quite a large payment that we have to make now that we have reached that stage...$82,000...AHHHHH!!!! I am also excited to report that I have ordered and paid for our bamboo flooring. It should arrive by courier either Monday or Tuesday next week. Will post pics when it arrives!!

Not really any other big news to report. I have however decided to do a 10 day naturopathic Detoxification program. My body is feeling quite sluggish and generally a bit yuck so I went to the pharmacy and spoke to the naturopath and she suggested the Blackmores 10 Day Detox Program. On Monday I stay tuned for all the details and my progress.

Since I started writing this blog Mia came down with a fever...39 degrees C or 102.2 degrees F. I have given her some medication and we took her temp about 45min later and it was down to 37.9 so that is good. Hopefully it continues to go back to normal. I will leave you with a few photos of my gorgeous Mia...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bricks and Mortar

Like I mentioned in my last post the windows went in last week...

and now the bricklayers have starting laying the bricks...

Once the bricks and weatherboard are finished the house will go into lock-up stage which means that from that point all basically all the work happens in the house and we won't be able to take photos of each stage!! I am going to suffer from withdrawal!!!!

Mia is walking up a storm with her wagon and walker. I have now resorted to taking her to the park down the road so she can walk along the sidewalk and just go go go. It gets a bit boring walking the few metres back and forth in the house so at least this way she gets fresh air and has a long path to walk down. We stay out there for about 45min and she walks pretty much the entire time. I can't wait for her to walk without her wagon!!!

David's time lecturing and tutoring at the University has finished for the Semester. I am kind of happy about it because it will mean that he can come home from teaching at school right after school and be able to spend some time with Mia in the afternoons rather than having to go right from school to lecture at the University. The down side is that he won't have any University pay coming in until next Semester but we will manage!

I have just started reading a new book today. It is by one of my favourite authors, Jodi Picoult. It is called Handle With Care and so far I am LOVING it!!

Time to go and do some mopping and cleaning! Chow for now!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Have a Roof!!

That's right, you heard me - we have a roof over over house!!! Yayyy!! It took 3 days but finally the roof tiles were up. Today the windows went in (I haven't taken photos of that yet!) and hopefully tomorrow they will start the brickwork. That is the most exciting bit!! The only sad thing is that once the house reaches lock up stage, we won't be able to see the progress as it all happens inside! Here is the roof...

Mia's sleeping is gradually improving. I think 2 more teeth are coming in as her gums are pretty swollen so we will wait and see wht happens! Over the last few days I have been trying out a new hairdo for her...

She is just the most gorgeous little thing!!