Monday, June 7, 2010

Bricks and Mortar

Like I mentioned in my last post the windows went in last week...

and now the bricklayers have starting laying the bricks...

Once the bricks and weatherboard are finished the house will go into lock-up stage which means that from that point all basically all the work happens in the house and we won't be able to take photos of each stage!! I am going to suffer from withdrawal!!!!

Mia is walking up a storm with her wagon and walker. I have now resorted to taking her to the park down the road so she can walk along the sidewalk and just go go go. It gets a bit boring walking the few metres back and forth in the house so at least this way she gets fresh air and has a long path to walk down. We stay out there for about 45min and she walks pretty much the entire time. I can't wait for her to walk without her wagon!!!

David's time lecturing and tutoring at the University has finished for the Semester. I am kind of happy about it because it will mean that he can come home from teaching at school right after school and be able to spend some time with Mia in the afternoons rather than having to go right from school to lecture at the University. The down side is that he won't have any University pay coming in until next Semester but we will manage!

I have just started reading a new book today. It is by one of my favourite authors, Jodi Picoult. It is called Handle With Care and so far I am LOVING it!!

Time to go and do some mopping and cleaning! Chow for now!


Karrah said...

Love Jodi Picoult !
Cute photos of Mia at the park !
Have you asked if you can take photos of inside ?

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Aww you can't take pictures INSIDE??? WHY??? That doesn't seem fair! You should ask around & see if someone will let you.
Great pictures of Mia btw (as usual) & the house looks GREAT!!

Crystal Hooper said...

Yeah - they won't let you walk through the house to take photos unless your site supervisor is there as it is a "construction site" but as you can see from the inside shots we have been naughty!! Once it hits lock up though you need the key so I will have to contact our supervisor when we want to see what is happening inside which of course I will!!