Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok! Here We Go!!

Right...so....yeah...it has been a while. I am SO bad at keeping this blog up to date!! Everytime I post I say I need to try harder but I am not doing too well at it!! Oh well, here we go with a brief catch up anyways!!

Mia is turning 3 in 9 day!!!! 9 DAYS!!!!! It is crazy!! Her party is this Saturday. It is "rainbow" themed and Mia is SO excited!! I am doing a cake this year rather than cupcakes like I have done before. I have to make 5 or 6 half cakes in different colours to put on top of the other to make a "rainbow". Not too hard but a bit time consuming! It should look great though! All of the food and decorations are all going to be rainbow coloured. It is just going to be a small affair with family and close friends coming. Mia can't stop talking about it!! She is just blossoming into this beautiful young lady. She is so kind, considerate, funny, loving and the list goes on!! She is always telling me that she "so loves me" and she is such a wonderful big sister to Eve. She always wants to "pat" her and hug her, tells her she loves her all the time, "talks" to her etc. It is so nice to see! Here are a couple pics of my gorgeous ALMOST 3 year old!!

Eve is growing SO fast!! She just turned 3 months old and ALREADY she is super cheeky!!! She has about 1000 different facial expressions!! She has now "found her voice" and "talks" ALL the time!! Just like her big sister!! She loves Mia to death - always wanting to watch her, smile at her, laugh at her, talk to her etc! I just love seeing them interact!!!

And here are my 2 girls together...

David and I are doing well. I have been sick a few times with another suspected case of mastitis and a suspected case of food poisoning but I am on the mend! The days are long at the moment with David working at Uni as well as school so he doesn't get home most nights until almost 6:30 or later.

Well off to bed as Eve will be up in a few hours to feed!!!

Chow for now!