Friday, December 2, 2011

Induction Date!!!

I know, I has been almost a month since my last post. Geez - I was doing so well there for a while!!! Then things go busy. You know how it goes...running around after a toddler, working on crochet orders, growing a baby inside me...blah, blah, blah!!! :)

This is a REALLY quick update as I have lots to do tonight. It is now official!! We have an induction date booked in!! This baby will be born on the 22nd of December! Less than 3 weeks to go and I will be holding my new baby girl. I am so excited!! I had an ultrasound this week to look at the growth of the baby. One of the first things the sonographer said was "she is a bit bigger isn't she??!?" Great...LOL   She did all the measurements and on average I am measuring 1 week ahead but the weight is estimated to be 1 1/2 weeks ahead. Due to all of this it was decided to induce early to increase the chance of being able to have a natural delivery. I will have to get 2 steroid shots the 2 days before I go in to start the induction just to make sure the baby's lungs are fully developed. I go in on the evening of the 21st and do some pre-induction "stuff" and then they break my waters the next morning and off we go. Exciting times ahead!!

Mia is doing great as usual! A bundle of energy and a joy to be around! For Christmas from Santa we got a little pool for the backyard. Well it isn't little I guess but it isn't inground or anything flash like that. But Mia is LOVING "her" pool. I foresee many summer afternoons with her in there splashing around. Here are a couple pics of Mia in her new pool!!

I will leave you with that as I am so busy tonight!! I promise to write again soon!!