Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Days Till Walkthrough!

I can't wait until 2nd August!! That is when we have our official walkthrough of the house. That is our opportunity to see the house "finished" and make sure everything as it should be. If there is anything to be fixed then they have the week to fix it before we officially get the keys on the 9th!! I can't believe it!! I thought the 15/16 week build time would go so slowly but looking back it has actually gone quite quickly!! I am in packing mode now. I packed up all my scrapbooking stuff last night. I wish I could have got more done before we moved but that just wasn't going to happen. I have already packed 1 box this morning and hopefully many more during the rest of today. So much to do!!!

Mia has been a cranky pants this morning. She woke up at 6:15am and by 8:30am she was rubbing her eyes and cranky so I put her into bed. I thought - there is no way she is going to have a sleep already but it seems to be pretty quiet in her room so just maybe...

We had a fun time at the park yesterday with Cheryl and Liam. Here are a few pics...

And yesterday Mia was obsessed with wearing a scarf on her head in the afternoon. It was so funny! She has such a huge personality! I just LOVE it!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

14 Days To Go!!

My phone went off at 6:40am the other morning and who was it?? The building site supervisor for my house. Why was he calling? Well he called to apologise for the mix-up with the electrical fit-out which was supposed to happen this Friday and ended up happening a week earlier but also to tell me that he has moved our official handover to 9th August rather than the 16th!!! So exciting!! I had to take in the ceiling fans to the electrician last Friday morning so I was able to walk through the house and have a little peek. It was looking great. Then David, Mia and I went out to have a peek through the windows on the weekend to see what the electrician had done and it was our lucky day! One of the back windows had been left open so we snuck inside to get some pictures! Here are just a few...

The days have been a bit trying lately with Mia barely sleeping during the day. Yesterday tooth #16 cut through so hopefully she will start sleeping again. She is however enjoying her walking immensely!! We usually go to the park 2 times a day so she can just walk and walk and walk. She keeps getting better and better and I am sure it will be no time at all before she starts running!! I have taken so many photos over the last few days!! Which ones should I add??!? Ok, here is a selection...

On a totally different note, I finally finished Mia's sweater that I was knitting. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. A few little mistakes but nothing that most people would even notice! I have already started the next one! In a bigger size this time so she can get a couple of year's wear out of it!! Here is the first one...

As you would have noticed, I had to change the look of my blog. If you had a blog background from Cutest Blog on the Block you will have noticed that they had to change where they were hosting their images. As a result I tried to use the same background as what I had before but the dimensions had totally changed and I wasn't happy at all as I had very limited space to post etc. So I have tried a new look. Still not 100% happy with it but I will tweak it more over the next little while.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walking Outside WITH Shoes On!!

A miracle occurred in our house yesterday. Well not actually inside our house but it happened while we were out for our family walk yesterday afternoon. We started off the walk with Mia being pushed in her bike. After 15min or so I thought we might as well try and get her to walk for a while (she has basically refused to walk outside unless holding onto my hand and she has flat out REFUSED to walk anywhere with shoes on). I thought it was worth a try. So what happened?? She walked!! And she walked with shoes on!!! And she wouldn't stop walking/crawling. She would fall over a bit, crawl for 3 or 4 crawls and then stand up again and walk. She had a blast!! Check it out...

The only problem was she was so slow as she had to explore EVERYTHING so it started to get late and cold and it was time to get back to the car to go home. So I put her in her bike to speed things up and what happened?? The same thing that happened when we took her out of the swing when she wasn't ready - she cried. And she cried, and she cried. It was actually really hilarious - she was hanging over the edge of her bike and her tears and slobber was falling to the pavement. I know I am a cruel mother but of course I had to take photos!!

The painters STILL haven't quite finished at the house. The main painter said they would finish on Monday or Tuesday and it is now Thursday so hopefully they finish by the end of today. It is looking really good though!

Everything for the house is now basically organised. I have organised the concreters to do the driveway and patio slab, our new neighbour's father is a fencing contractor so he is going to do the fence (and at cost price!!), the cleaners are organised to clean this house when we move out, the carpet cleaner and pest fumigator are organised to do this house when we move out, the carpet guys are organised to do the carpet once David and his dad finish the bamboo floors, and I have a quote for the turf and soil so I just need to order that closer to the time we need it. Then I need to organise our Renewable Energy Certificates for our solar hot water system and that should be about it!!

Now it is just the rest of the packing that needs to be done. I am pretty much up to date with most of it so that is good. Well time to go and get some cleaning done while Mia sleeps. A mother's work is never done!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Paint

We popped around to the house yesterday to check on how the painting was going. They have done another coat and did a tidy up of the cornice area. They are there again today so I think the last coat will go up today. Here are a couple of pics from yesterday...


Monday, July 19, 2010

27 Days and Counting...

27 days until we take possession of our new house!! It is going to be the longest almost 4 weeks EVER!! We don't move in until 2 weeks after that because in that 2 weeks David and his dad have to install the bamboo floors, the carpet company needs to install the carpet, the concreters need to put in the driveway and patio, we need to lay the top soil and turf in the yard and then we need to move out of this house and have it cleaned. It is going to be a BIG 2 weeks!!! But I can't wait!!

Mia is still walking up a storm. She just goes from 1 corner of the house to the other and back and forth and back and forth. She loves carrying things while she walks - everything from the phone, remote controllers, books, stuffed animals etc. You name it - she will carry it! She has recently become obsessed with my iPod and loves to make the screen light up.

We took Mia to the park a couple of days ago and it was late in the afternoon. She couldn't get on a swing straight away as they were occupied but eventually she got on one. When it was time to go we took her out of the swing and put her back in her bike and she cried and cried. She didn't want to leave. We gave her another few minutes of swinging but it was definitely time to go as it was getting really cold and starting to get dark. We put her back in her bike for the walk home and she cried and cried. She didn't want to leave!! She stopped crying when we carried her but it was too long a walk to carry her the whole way so she just cried and cried. Here is the before and after...

Not much news other than that. Things are quite busy getting quotes for various things having to do with the house but that will be over soon enough!! Thank goodness!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Official! We Have a Garage Door!

Big house news - we finally have a garage door (and a painted gable!!)!! I have been waiting what seems like forever to see what the house will look like with all it's respective parts in place and the painting basically done. Today that happened when they put up the garage door. The front door and door frame are the only things left to be painted but you get the idea now that the garage door is on! I am LOVING what the outside of the house looks like!! Great colour choices if I do say so myself!! Check it out...

We went out to the house today to meet our new neighbours to discuss the fence that needs to be put in between our properties. They are very nice and have 2 girls (older than Mia - we think they are probably around 8 years old or so). It turns out his dad is a fencing contractor so we can hopefully use him to do the fence and get it at cost price!! Yayy for savings!!

When we were meeting our neighbours we also had a peek at the painting through the windows of the house. The window that we had left "open" to sneak through had been closed by the painters...darn it!!! I was able to get some good shots of the painting so far through the windows though. I am really happy with how the colour is looking so far!

Lounge Room


Retreat (with view of main bedroom)

View of kitchen on left, family room to the direct right and lounge through hole in wall


That's all for now! Will post more later!!