Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Official! We Have a Garage Door!

Big house news - we finally have a garage door (and a painted gable!!)!! I have been waiting what seems like forever to see what the house will look like with all it's respective parts in place and the painting basically done. Today that happened when they put up the garage door. The front door and door frame are the only things left to be painted but you get the idea now that the garage door is on! I am LOVING what the outside of the house looks like!! Great colour choices if I do say so myself!! Check it out...

We went out to the house today to meet our new neighbours to discuss the fence that needs to be put in between our properties. They are very nice and have 2 girls (older than Mia - we think they are probably around 8 years old or so). It turns out his dad is a fencing contractor so we can hopefully use him to do the fence and get it at cost price!! Yayy for savings!!

When we were meeting our neighbours we also had a peek at the painting through the windows of the house. The window that we had left "open" to sneak through had been closed by the painters...darn it!!! I was able to get some good shots of the painting so far through the windows though. I am really happy with how the colour is looking so far!

Lounge Room


Retreat (with view of main bedroom)

View of kitchen on left, family room to the direct right and lounge through hole in wall


That's all for now! Will post more later!!

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Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

WOW it's really coming along so fast! I'm so happy for you guys!