Sunday, July 4, 2010

Houston...We Have A Kitchen!!!!!

We officially have a kitchen in our house!! And bathroom cupboards/counters! We went to have a peek at the house today and noticed that they had been busy on Saturday putting in the counters and cabinets. How exciting!!! It is really starting to come together now! Since they have officially started locking up the house now when the workers aren't there we didn't think we would be able to get pictures of the new kitchen and bathrooms. BUT...after checking EVERY SINGLE window around the house I happened to come across one that wasn't locked. Needless to say I made David practice his "breaking in" skills and climb through the window to get some photos. Check them out...

I met the tiler on site yesterday to go through the wet area tiling. He should have all the tiling done by Thursday or Friday at the latest. We are going to pop back around and see him on Thursday to see how things are progressing. I also spoke to our site supervisor and he said that if all goes well our official handover will happen on 16th August!!! Very exciting!! Now I am just chasing up fencing contractors and concrete contractors to make sure our fencing and driveway gets done in time!
We have booked in a tax man to do our tax returns next weekend. We could really use the money so hopefully it comes in soon after that!!
Other than that things are pretty quiet. We are probably going to Esk tomorrow to see David's parents. Hopefully it doesn't rain!!

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Karrah said...

bahahah i love you got to get david break in. lol, classic.
Lookin good !!!!!!