Friday, July 9, 2010

"Pound for Pound the Best Lay Around"

Like my blog post title?? It is courtesy of the tiler doing work at our house. His business name is Bubbaleo's Tiling and that is his slogan. I thought it was hilarious! He has been working at the house for the last few days and will finish up in the next day or 2. Here are a couple of photos of the work so far. The tiles aren't finished and are quite dirty so I will get better photos when he is done.

The painter has also started doing some work on the house. He has painted the weatherboard and the eaves. He wasn't supposed to start until 14th July but he had a couple of free days this week so he started early! WOOHOO! Here is some of the paint so far...

We spent the day with Mia's grandparents on Wednesday at their place in Esk. It was an overcast and rainy day but that didn't damper Mia's spirits. She had fun walking (with help!) all over the property and the house and had fun reading with Grandma and watching the horses at the property across the road.

I have been meeting with quite a few contractors this week getting quotes for fencing and concreting. We still have yet to make a decision with who we are going to go with and we have one more meeting scheduled with a fencing contractor this afternoon. It is a crazy time!!

I am making 2 new slow cooker recipes this week. I have bought the ingredients and I am very excited. They are Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken and Slow Cooker Puffy Pizza Casserole. I will post the recipes if they turn out well!

On another note, I have been absolutely SMASHING it at the gym the last couple of weeks. I have been burning about 600 calories in a 1/2 hour workout and it feels great!

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