Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Have a Walker!!!

I can officially say that Mia is now a walking toddler! FINALLY!!! I was worried this day would never come and now that it has I am so excited!! She is just the cutest thing walking all over the place and flopping down on her bum when she eventually loses her balance. She is walking more than she is crawling and I LOVE it!! Now I just need to get her to walk wearing her shoes. I am sure it will take another couple of weeks before she is only walking and not crawling but she is making huge progress every single day. Go Mia go!!

Not much else to report. Today I dressed Mia in a sweater that my Memere knit for me when I was a child and it looked so cute on her. The sleeves are a little short but it was cute nonetheless! Check it out...

Mia and I have a pretty quiet week planned. It has been nice over the last 2 weeks with David home on school holidays. He starts back to work tomorrow so it becomes once again just us girls!!

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