Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Tiles...

The tiler hasn't completely finished his work at our new house but he is getting there. We went around today to have a peek at what he had done so far. The only thing left in the ensuite/bathroom is the skirting, putting in the grout and the step for the spa bath. Then all that is left is the kitchen splashback. The tiles for that were on backorder but they have now arrived. The tiler said he should be finished on Monday so I will get some finished photos then.

Mia is walking up a storm at the moment. She still isn't totally walking everywhere but she is well on her way. She will pull herself up on things and then let go and start walking. We got a video of her today walking from the living room to me in the kitchen - her best effort so far. It is just so cute to watch!! Check out my Facebook page for the video!

Other than that all we did today was go through all the junk in the garage and take a load of "stuff" to the dump. Boy did we get rid of a lot and the garage looks great. It will be much easier to move now!

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Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

WOW Your bathroom looks GREAT!!! It's going to be so beautiful!!! OH & Mia is sooo cute in your header... I love your design of this blog, it's beautiful :)