Monday, June 14, 2010

Detox - Day 1

I have started my 10-day detox. Day 1 is almost over and it has been interesting. The program that I decided to go on is called the Blackmores 10 Day Detox Program. It is designed to help improve the functioning of your digestive system and help your body eliminate waste more effectively. It assists with sluggish liver functioning, balances and maintains healthy gut flora (sounds just lovely doesn't it??!?), helps cleanse the bowel and assists the removal of dead skin cells. Here it is...

The kit includes Digestive Bitters, Milk Thistle, Acidophilus Bifidus, Colon Care and a skin exfoliating mitt. Here is the schedule...

  • Every morning have a cup of vegetable juice.
  • 15mins before breakfast take 5mls of Digestive Bitters in a little water or juice
  • With breakfast take 1 x Milk Thistle and 2 x Acidophilus Bifidus


  • With lunch take 1 x Milk Thistle


  • 15mins before dinner take 5mls of Digestive Bitters in a little water or juice
  • With dinner take 1 x Milk Thistle and 2 x Acidophilus Bifidus

Before Bed:

  • DAYS 1-3 ONLY - take 1 level scoop of Colon Care mixed with a little water or juice

Right, so that is the plan. And so far today I have followed it. Go me!! They give you a food plan you can follow but it has all kinds of weird stuff that I don't eat and can't afford but the basis is to eat as many natural foods as possible. Here is what I had to eat today:

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a bit of cheese

Lunch - cous cous with vegetables and a can of tuna

Dinner - chicken breast with mushrooms and steamed veggies

For snacks they suggest thinks like fruit and yoghurt etc. I was not actually hungry for snacks to day so I didn't have any. They also say to drink 2 litres of water per day. Like I said, day 1 is almost over and I have survived. The worse part is the Digestive Bitters - it is THE MOST DISGUSTING thing I have ever ingested!!!

Anyhow, Mia is slowly starting to feel better after having a fever for the last couple of days. She is laughing and playing more but still isn't herself. She hasn't properly eaten in 3 days so I am hoping she improves more tomorrow. I can get her to eat breakfast and it is hit and miss with lunch but she basically refuses dinner. My poor little girl!!

Well off to ingest my disgusting Digestive Bitters before dinner...


Jasmine said...

I hope it helps! Sounds like it wouldnt taste very good =s
be strong! :o)

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Hey! One day down... not too bad :) Keep up the good work & glad to hear Mia is doing better!