Friday, June 11, 2010


Wow - our house is sure coming along!!! We were able to do a walk through the other day and it was so exciting. They have finished the bricks...

but we were so surprised to notice when we did the walk through that they have put up probably about 75% of the plasterboard already inside the house!! How exciting!!

I have just received the invoice through from the builders saying we have reached the "Enclosed" stage so I will have to drive out there this afternoon and make sure everything is in order!! It is quite a large payment that we have to make now that we have reached that stage...$82,000...AHHHHH!!!! I am also excited to report that I have ordered and paid for our bamboo flooring. It should arrive by courier either Monday or Tuesday next week. Will post pics when it arrives!!

Not really any other big news to report. I have however decided to do a 10 day naturopathic Detoxification program. My body is feeling quite sluggish and generally a bit yuck so I went to the pharmacy and spoke to the naturopath and she suggested the Blackmores 10 Day Detox Program. On Monday I stay tuned for all the details and my progress.

Since I started writing this blog Mia came down with a fever...39 degrees C or 102.2 degrees F. I have given her some medication and we took her temp about 45min later and it was down to 37.9 so that is good. Hopefully it continues to go back to normal. I will leave you with a few photos of my gorgeous Mia...