Monday, November 15, 2010

Hawaii - The Rest of It!!!

I was going to do a separate post for each day we were in Hawaii. But that is going to take me way too long at this rate and I have non-Hawaii things that I want to blog about so I am going to do a condensed version of the rest of our trip here and now. I am not going to put any photos here either as it takes too darn long! If you want to see photos take a look at the albums on my Facebook page.

During day 3 we again just had a nice quiet day during the day. We went for a swim in the apartment complex pool. Mia had some yummy food and then mum and I got all dolled up for our evening out at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for a traditional luau. The luau was great!! Great food, great entertainment, great alcoholic beverages...

Day 4 I didn't take A SINGLE photo!! Hard to believe I know. But we just hung around. Went for a few walks, did a bit of shopping and just relaxed.

Day 5 was a big day!! It was zoo trip day!!! Mia's first trip to the zoo. My mum was so excited to be able to take Mia for her first trip to the zoo. Mia was amazing! So well behaved and she walked, and she walked, and she walked around the zoo for over 2 hours!!! It was a great day!!

Day 6 we took a walk down to the beach. We didn't plan on going swimming so we didn't wear our swimsuits. HOWEVER, when we got there we walked along the beach and felt the water and it was SO beautiful so we HAD to go in!! So we did, clothes and all! We had a blast!!!

Then it was just some reading back at the apartment and Mia and Gran shared some nice cuddles.

Day 7 was another big day - sea plane trip day!! We were picked up from our apartment and taken to the sea plane "airport". Mia chilled out in the car on the way there. The sea plane ride was FANTASTIC!! It was incredible to see the views from up in the sky. Mia again was a trooper - the first half of the ride she just cuddled into my chest and looked out the window and then she fell asleep for the second half!!

In the evening mum and I went to see some fireworks on the beach. They were great!

Day 8 was quiet again. Just hanging around the apartment, going swimming etc. Mia tried on some goggles, and posed for the usual!!

Day 9, the day before we flew home. It was a really nice day. We walked to the beach, went swimming in the ocean (this time in our swimsuits!!), and then Mia dressed up in her very first Halloween costume - Snow White. There was no place for her to go trick-or-treating but it was exciting nonetheless!

Day 10 - leaving day. Leaving days are always so hard. Saying goodbye is always so hard. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. The plane ride home was long. Mia though did SO well!! She sat in her seat the ENTIRE time and read books, did some colouring, talked to the people in the seats behind us, watched some tv, and slept (only for 35 minutes though!!). We had a nice view of the clouds out Mia's window. It is always so beautiful in the air!!

Well that was our trip in a nutshell. It was so much fun. It was such a special time for my parents to spend time with Mia and I and for Mia and I to spend time with my parents. I will always remember it, cherish it, think about it.

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