Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So since I have been back from Hawaii I haven't been feeling 100%. My poor mum ended up getting sick the last 2 days we were in Hawaii. We weren't sure what it was...maybe heatstroke, maybe heat exhaustion, maybe motion sickness (from the seaplane ride) but we didn't know. When she got home she got even more sick and had to go to the doctor. After a few tests it turned out she had a bacteria infection (something called Yersinia something or other!!) and she had to be put on strong antibiotics. I had been having some of the same symptoms as her so finally I went to the doc and had to do a "sample" (if you know what I mean!!). Well the "sample" came back negative but I still felt really yuck so the doctor said to go on the antibiotics anyways and see what happens. We I am feeling SO much better now!! Thank goodness!!!!

Now onto Mia. She is growing like a weed, talking ALL the time and in general keeping on my toes but she makes me laugh all day long!! She has such a wild personality - I love it!! Since the weather has been warmer we have spent many an afternoon at the pool...

and playing in the backyard...

She LOVES being outside!!

She is still beautiful as ever - but of course I am her mother so I am going to say that!!

I have finished our Christmas cards. I designed them and put them together myself. I still have to write the letter to go with them but that won't take too long. Here is the front cover and the inside...

Other than that things have been a bit dull since I haven't been feeling well. I am looking forward to David having school holidays in 1 1/2 weeks. He will be home for about 6-7 weeks so we can really get a lot done in that time!

I will leave this post with a pic of me and my girl...it is one of my favs!!

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