Monday, August 9, 2010

Official Homeowners

What an exciting day!! At 8am this morning we had our official house handover with our site supervisor. It went very smoothly and it was a great feeling when we were handed the keys. There is still a lot of work to do. I have the concrete contractors coming to prep the driveway and patio tomorrow and I also have the termite protection contractors coming tomorrow to organise the protection for the driveway and patio and then there is another contractor coming to fit the shower screens, wardrobe doors and mirrors. Once the shower screen, wardrobe doors and mirrors are done then everything but the flooring is finished inside the house. David started the flooring tonight with our friend Tristan and David's parents are driving here tomorrow to stay for a couple of nights and help David with the flooring tomorrow afternoon/evening and all day on Wednesday as it is a public holiday. Then they will be back at it on the weekend. If it goes smoothly they could be finished the bamboo by the weekend which would be best case scenario. Then I need to organise the carpet guys to come and lay the carpets. Then on Friday this week the fencing contractors will start putting up the fence and they will finish on Monday or Tuesday next week. Then all that is left is to get the soil trucked in and lay the turf in the yard. We are going to do the gardens after we move in. It is all so exciting but stressful as well!!

Life at the moment has been all about the house so I have nothing else to say!! I did do some editing on one of my photos of Mia. I loved the picture but there was an ugly garbage bin in the background and I wanted to try and get rid of it as well and correct the colours etc of the photo. Here is the before and after...not a bad effort!!


About Me...The Engineer said...

Crystal, I cannot wait to see everything when it all said and done and you have moved in.

Congratulations on being an offical home-owner!

Buck Lake Blogger said...

Congrats on your home!

I love the picture of Mia... how long did it take you to edit it?

Crystal Hooper said...

Thanks Kim - it actually only took about 15min to edit it!!