Friday, August 6, 2010


I love taking photos!! As if you didn't know that already though! My camera isn't working properly anymore thanks to my dear husband dropping it on the tiled floor and breaking some of the "internal" workings of the camera. As a result my photos come out with these black dots on them that I have to photoshop out. It is a real pain!! I will be getting a new camera - it is not worth fixing this one as the quote is coming in at at least $450-$500 and that is without them even opening it up to see exactly what is wrong. Anyways, this means I have had to photoshop my photos more than usual to get rid of the dots and since I have been doing that I have started to have a play with some other editing. I wasn't completely happy with the before photos below. But after a bit of playing I am much happier with the after product. It is amazing what you can do with photo editing. I used Photoshop Elements for these edits but I also use Corel and Lightroom to do bits and pieces.

Mia has been having a blast (as usual) at the park. She is just go go go and loves being outside.

Things are really getting exciting with our house. I picked up the final bank cheque this morning. I have to hand this over to the site supervisor at 8am Monday morning and in return he gives us our keys!!! This entire process has been going on for 2 years to get to this point so we have been waiting for this day for what feels like forever!! So excited!!!!!

Well time to go and watch some tv and do some knitting. I am working on the first sleeve for Mia's next sweater. I have finished the bottom part and my goal is to get it done by the end of August.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love her jeans! I can't wait until it's cool enough here for Riley to wear jeans again!


Coleton's Mommy Cami said...

I absolutely LOVE all of your pictures...they come out so clear.

I wished you lived in the states here close so you could teach me the secret to your amazing photos <3

Plus you have a Gorgeous Little Model <3

Crystal Hooper said...

Thanks Nicole and Cami!!

I love her jeans too Nicole - I actually bought a 2nd pair of them because they went on sale and I loved them so much!!!

And Cami - your pictures are just as amazing as mine!! You already know the secret!! :)