Monday, August 16, 2010

On a Happier Note...

I know that my last post was a bit sad, negative etc so I thought I would post today about something positive...our house!

Things are really starting to come good. The concreters came out to do the driveway, the patio slab and a little slab behind the watertank so we can push the watertank a bit closer to the house.

Howard, the fencing contractor came out to do the fence and the 2 gates. He was an absolute workhorse!! He did a fantastic job and now we have a fully fenced yard!!

Next we come to the flooring. David and his parents (and me too) have been working like crazy to lay the bamboo floors. We are making progress but there is still a lot to do. The family room is done, the retreat is done and the hall and front entry is done. What's left you ask? Well the activity room, the second hall, the dining room and the kitchen. That should keep us busy enough!!

All in all it is coming together. The carpets get laid on Monday and the soil and turf and mowing strip will be done within the next week. Then we are good to move in!!!

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The Domestic Engineer said...

Its coming along VERY nicely! I cannot wait to see everything done and you all moved in <3