Friday, February 1, 2013


Oh my has been about 9 months since my last blog post!!! Talk about SLACK!!!! I REALLY need to get back into this because I see it as the best way to keep track of everything that happens in our house from kids getting teeth, visits with family and friends etc etc etc!!! So my goal in 2013 is to blog AT LEAST once per week just to keep track of everything!!

I don't think there is any way for me to catch up on everything that I have missed in the last 9 months so I'm not even going to try!! lol  With that being said I will start with this last week...

Mia was due to start Kindy (I know!!! The time flies doesn't it??!?!) on Tuesday but due to all the storms, flooding, etc her teacher wasn't able to get into the school and so school was cancelled for her first day :(  Mia was quite disappointed as we had been getting her all excited for her first day (including getting her special things for her lunchbox etc) so she was sad about it being cancelled but is really looking forward to Monday. She has a 3 day week next week (Mon-Wed) so that should really help her get adjusted to her 'new' life as a school-attending little girl!!

Other than the disruption this last week of floods etc there hasn't been too much going on. Yesterday I came down with a HORRIBLE head cold and Eve seems to be getting a bit of it today and is kind of cranky, high temps etc. Lets hope both girls don't get it as bad as I have it because it isn't fun!!!

I'll leave this post with some pics.  We had a WONDERFUL visit from my parents last Sept/Oct and had the lovely Kacey from Jae Photography take some photos of us and the girls which turned out beautiful!!

Woohooo....first week of blogging complete...lets see if I can keep it up!!!

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