Friday, February 8, 2013

Mia The Schoolgirl

What a HUGE week this week!!! My baby girl (who certainly isn't a baby anymore!!) started her first day of Kindergarten!! She had 3 days at school this week (Mon-Wed) and overall she did so well!! Monday was a bit of a rough day (for both of us) as Eve and I dropped her off at school, stayed for a little play and then had to say goodbye. Mia cried but the teacher picked her up and distracted her enough for me to leave. I was TOTALLY lost the entire day! Even though I had Eve at home with me the house felt so empty and I couldn't stop thinking about Mia, wondering how she was going, if she was eating the food I sent, if she was making friend etc. I got nothing done all day!! lol.  When Eve had her sleep I even sat in front of the tv and didn't even turn it on...that's how out of it I was!! There were tears on Mia's part but also on my part once I got back into the car after dropping her off. I felt this sense of baby girl is growing up and leaving the next so to speak! When Eve and I picked her up that afternoon the teacher said she took a while to "find her groove" but once they moved from outside play to inside play she was more settled. Tuesday drop off was even worse tear wise for Mia. She cried quite hard and REALLY didn't want me to leave. But when I picked her up at the end of the day the teachers said she did really well and settled much more quickly and didn't ask them nearly as many times when I was coming back to get her. Wednesday was more tears but not as bad as Tuesday and about 2 mins after I left another parent came out of the school, saw me in my car about to drive away and told me that Mia was happily playing. So the fact she settled within 2 mins of me leaving was very reassuring. Wednesday was by far MY most productive day lol.  I came home after school drop off, played with Eve, put her to bed, cleaned both bathrooms, put on slow cooker beef stroganoff for dinner and did some sewing. I know both Mia and I will eventually "find our groove" with this new thing called school but it has been a very emotionally draining week (for both of us!). Mia seems to really have enjoyed herself though and loves to tell Eve and I all about her day when we pick her up. That in itself is reassuring. It is now Friday and she has already asked a number of times yesterday and today when she gets to go back to school so that's a good sign! Only a 2 day week for her next week (Mon-Tues) so fingers crossed the crying subsides even a little bit more!! Here are pictures of my big school girl!!

Other than school starting this week not much else has happened. I've managed to do a bit of sewing and am trying out a new pattern and a new technique (ruffles) to make a pair of pants for Eve. Mia saw the fabric and now wants a skirt out of the same fabric so I'm now working on that too! Here is the start of Eve's pants...

That's it for this week! Talk to you soon!! xx

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