Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day 2010

Today is Australia Day where we celebrate all things Australian. It was exactly 1 year ago today that a pregnant version of me was walking across the stage at the Ipswich Civic Centre at my Australian Citizenship ceremony. I remember clearly my name being called, going up onto the stage, shaking the Lord Mayor's hand and then walking down the line of politicians who were handing out all kinds of goodies such as Aussie hats, flags, plants etc. It was a pretty special day!

Today however certainly hasn't been as exciting as that. It has been pretty quiet in fact. I worked on my essay that is due tomorrow and Mia had a wonderful swim outside in the backyard shell pool which she LOVED!! Check out the pic...

It is also day 3 of my water challenge and as usual I have spent most of the day going to the bathroom. I can't wait to weigh myself at the end of the this week and see if the challenge worked. I thought for sure that I would feel really bloated but I don't at all. I actually feel quite good!! Starting on Saturday I will be doing Dr Goglia's Quick Start program for 3 weeks. The program is meant to kick start your weight loss and as such you can only be on it for 3 weeks. The foods on the menu seem really good - nothing that I wouldn't eat. It is mainly drinking your appropriate amount of water and eliminating carbs from your evening meal. I am getting excited!!!

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Karrah said...

aussie aussie aussie !!
Loving the new font on your title !