Saturday, January 30, 2010


So today is the last day of my Water Challenge. I will weigh in tomorrow morning. I don't really feel any lighter so I am guessing things haven't changed too much. Today was the day that I also started Dr Goglia's Quickstart program. It is a 3 week program to kick start your weight loss. The menu for my first week is as follows...

Breakfast - 1C oatmeal and 1 banana
Morning Tea - 1 apple
Lunch - 1/2C rice, 4oz chicken or fish, 2C steamed veggies
Afternoon Tea - 1 orange
Dinner - 4oz fish, 1C zuchinni, 1C other steamed veggies, 1C salad

It doesn't seem too bad - there was actually quite a lot of food for lunch - I couldn't finish it all! You can substitute other veggies and fruit if you want. This is what I had today but tomorrow I will have some different veggies. Fingers crossed that this kick starts things!!

Today was a pretty quiet day overall. I am so proud because for the first time since my back surgery on 14th December I did a 1 hour walk on my treadmill. I have been slowly building up the time and finally I have made it to 1 hour. It felt GREAT!!

We took Mia to the park this afternoon so she could have a swing on the swing. She just LOVES it!! Check out the pics!!

I am looking forward to watching the Australian Open Women's Singles Final tonight. Go Henin!! I am working on a cross stitch at the moment so I will do that at the same time! I will post tomorrow about the cross stitch and show you my progress!


Karrah said...

yay !
I hope you do see some results for all your water drinking !!
Mia looks like she's chubbing up a bit! What's she weigh now? Kailin's starting to thin out, especially in the face, she's in some size 2 now! :(( our bubba's are getting big !

Crystal Hooper said...

I am having her weighed next Tuesday but at her last weigh in she was only 8.34kg!! She is still tiny compared to most of her friends!!

Crystal Hooper said...

Oh and Mia is STILL wearing some 000s!! But mainly 00 and 0.

Karrah said...

lol naww.. I havnt had kailin weighed in awhile. Might get her done tomorrow. I doubt she's gained much with all our food issues - blah !