Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mia's Playdate with Oakley

Today was a fun filled day! Cass and Oakley came over and we had a blast. Oakley and Mia had a wonderful time playing with the toys (and stealing them from each other!!) and they had a great time in the pool splishing and splashing.

It was another stinkin' hot day here today - as usual!! It was +38 yesterday - not sure what it got up to today though.

I got my confirmation of my enrolment in my next University course called Understanding Imprisonment. Should be interesting! It is all about the history of Australian prisons, deaths in custoday and how prisons are run. I can't wait!!

Day 5 of my water challenge is almost complete...only 2 days to go...

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Karrah said...

i love the name oakley !