Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Council Approval

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! We got a call from Perry Homes (our builders) this afternoon saying that they have received the final approval from the local council to start constructing our house!!! SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!! Now we just need the bank to sign the authority to commence and then the file gets sent off to the site manager who will order all the materials, book all the labourers and get things started. That will take no more than 3 weeks but possibly a lot less than that which would be GREAT!!! I am just so happy!!

On another note, my knitting is coming along nicely!! Here is 1 of the finished leg warmers...

I have started working on the 2nd one so that should be done in the next few days. Then it is onto a jumper for Mia!!

Here is another pic of Mia - the love of my life.

And here is Mia having a blast with a roll of toilet will be kids!!

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