Friday, March 12, 2010


Today I am having a MAJOR craving for...perogies!! And before you think I am not pregnant. I just LOVE perogies and you can't buy them here in Australia!! It is such a disgrace! Everytime I want them I have to make them from scratch and I have to say they are pretty labour intensive!! I think that will be my task this weekend...massive batch of perogies just waiting to be made and frozen to save for days like today.

On another note, our house plans have FINALLY been sent off to council for approval. Hopefully that will only take a couple of weeks and then the builders can finally start building! The build time with Perry Homes is 13 weeks so fingers crossed there will be no delays. At least I know we will be in our new house for Christmas (it better be well before that though!!). We go for our final colour selection appointment next Wednesday so that is exciting!

Mia is growing in leaps and bounds. She had her 11 month weigh and measure the other day and is now 9.28kg (20lbs 7oz) and is 73.5cm in length. She is still doing her caterpillar crawling and seems content with that. She gets up on all fours all the time but hasn't started "normal" crawling as yet. She gets to where she wants to go and can sit up from her crawling position so that keeps her happy. She is loving swinging on her swing as you can see! It is only 24 days until she turns the big 1. Eeeek!!!! I am finalising plans for her birthday party. It is pretty low key, being held at a park and I am making the cake (well cupcakes!) myself. Should be interesting!!

Mia and I are still trying to get over our cold that we both have. It has hung around for a while now!

Other exciting news is that thanks to my parents we have bought a new vacuum cleaner!!! Woohoo!!!! It is VERY colourful...purple and yellow actually!! Here is a picture of it...

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