Monday, March 29, 2010

I've Got the Knitting Bug!!

I was taught how to knit way back in about 2003 by David's mum who can knit ANYTHING!! When I first learned it wasn't very pretty...the tension was all terrible and it was just darn right horrible! But with practise I have got the tension right, can read a pattern and can do lots of things!! I have been having fun over the last few weeks getting started on some projects and I look forward to doing lots more! Here are some of my projects...

I have also been knitting a sweater for my dad for a few years now...I know I about procrastination!!! I will get it done one day!!

My current project is a pair of leg warmers for Mia. They are turning out great so far!!

1 comment:

Karrah said...

you've passed the bug onto me!
although i cant really read a pattern, but i have to say my tention is pretty darn good !
I just love the beanies you made for kailin !