Sunday, October 9, 2011

The BIG 30!!

Happy birthday to me!! I turn the BIG 30 today. Although I have had a lot of people tell me the 30s are the new 20s so I guess I will find out now if that is true!! Not much planned for the day. Mia and I just went out the Cheesecake Shop to get my birthday cake! I splurged this year! Normally I just get a cheapie one from the supermarket but seeing as this is a "special" birthday I got 1/2 a blackforest cake and 1/4 strawberry cheesecake. I wasn't going to get the cheesecake but Mia insisted that she wanted a pink cake so she can have the cheesecake (and I might have a little too...) Other than lunch and then some cake we will probably head off to the park this afternoon since the weather is SO nice!!

Big week ahead. Mia has her gymnastics class on Monday, swimming class on Tuesday and music class on Wednesday. Then we are planning a play date with Deb and her son Nick for later in the week! It will be very busy!

Mia and I did a new type of painting yesterday! It is a variation off something I saw on Playschool. I didn't have golf balls so I used tennis balls instead. It involves coating the tennis/golf balls in different colour paint, rolling a piece of paper and putting it in some kind of tube then putting the balls in the tube, sealing it up and shaking away to make a painting! I didn't realise I was so low on paint colours so unfortunately I had to use black as one of my paint colours which made the paintings a bit dreary but you get the idea!! Here is how it turned out...

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