Friday, October 14, 2011

Toilet Training...and A Bloody Nose

So yesterday I "officially" started toilet training Mia. She just turned 2 1/2 so I thought I would give it a go. My ultimate goal is to have her trained by the time this baby arrives but I am just going with the flow and if it happens it happens and if it doesn't it doesn't. Yesterday there wasn't too much success. We only had her toilet training for probably about 4 hours or so but in that time she had 3 accidents. Then, late in the afternoon we finally had a successful pee in the toilet. I must have looked ridiculous bouncing around like a cheerleader squealing and cheering for her as she laughed at me while on the toilet! It is incredible when you become a mum how different you are. Who would have thought I would have been THAT excited about pee in a toilet!! So today we trained again. I had her nappy off from about 6am this morning and it only went on when we had to pop out to the shops and then during her nap. The rest of the time we were nappy free and training. What a GREAT day she had today!! 2 successful pees in the toilet and NO accidents!! I was so proud of her! She gets a car sticker for every time she goes and sits on the toilet (regardless of if she actually does anything) but when she does have a successful pee/poo she is rewarded with 2 of her "special" stickers (which for her are her Charlie and Lola stickers). It seems to be working and she is doing great!! When I put her to bed tonight 2 times before she fell asleep she called out to me through the monitor that she had to pee but obviously she was in her nappy so I just told her she could go to the toilet in the morning. Lets get the daytime training done before I even THINK about night time!! LOL

Now to the bloody nose part of my post title. Mia had her first bloody nose the other day. Not quite sure what happened actually! I was in the kitchen packing the dishwasher and she was in my bedroom. All of a sudden she started crying so I went in there to see what was going on. She was up on my bed laying on her stomach near the base of the bed. She sat up and wanted "cuggles" and when I looked at her face she had a little bit of blood coming out of 1 nostril. So off I went with her in tow getting a wet washer to clean her up and getting her "cold bear". Now her "cold bear" is a little ice pack (not frozen though it just stays in the fridge) that we always get out when she has any bumps/scrapes etc. Whenever she hurts herself now she automatically asks for "cold bear" so that is what we did. Within 5 mins she was back to normal and the bleeding had stopped so crisis averted. It barely bled at all so that was good.

Other than that we did a fun craft yesterday with our melted crayon drawings. For the details of how to do it including pictures check out my Craft Ideas tab and you will find it all there. It was tons of fun and Mia loved it!! We went out and bought some more paint today as I had basically none left so I promised her that we would do a painting craft this weekend. I am thinking bubble wrap painting will be the order of the day tomorrow...

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