Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 1 - TLT

Day 1 is almost complete!! How exciting to be embarking on this journey!! I can't say that today was easy. But in the same respect it wasn't too hard. I was able to stick to my foods out list. I did my daily exercise by running 5k plus I did the push up exercises that were sent in the first daily email. What I DIDN'T do though is have my green hydration water. Wasn't organized enough in the morning between getting the kids sorted at breakfast, getting school lunch done, etc etc that I forgot to get it ready. I won't be making the same mistake tomorrow though!! For me planning is key!!

Here is my food intake for the day...
Breakfast - tbsp coconut oil, lemon water, 2 hard boiled eggs
Morning tea - apple
Lunch - salad with baby leaves, spinach, carrot, beet root, cucumber, tomato, grated cheese, organic steak, lemon water
Dinner - juicing (beet root, carrot, apple etc), nuts and seeds, dried cranberries

After hearing Dr A talk about the 5:2 diet I have set a task for myself for tomorrow to research that approach as I'm very interested in trying it for this challenge!!

Until tomorrow!!

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