Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 7 - TLT

Today was a rough day. Today was the first day that I felt hungry. I was so hungry!! Not sure why because I didn't change anything I was doing. Not only was I hungry but I just felt off this afternoon. Funny tummy, massive headache. Maybe it's my body finally showing signs of withdrawal from the various foods I've eliminated for this challenge. Still went for my run tonight but it made it 25muns rather than my normal 30-35mins. At least it's something though!!

On the up side I turned down cupcakes at a friends place this morning and afternoon tea this afternoon of chocolate cake  with family visiting. Felt good to say no and the craving wasn't actually too bad!

Food for today...
Breakfast - veggies, bit of left over fish, sautéed mushrooms, lemon water
Morning tea - apple, grapes
Lunch - egg salad, lemon water
Dinner - chicken breast with natural Greek yoghurt and Parmesan crust, lemon water
Snack - nuts, seeds, dried cranberries

Tomorrow is my 500calorie day...

Bye for now

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