Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 9 - TLT

Had my 'cheat' day today. Wasn't planning on having it today but had a friend over for morning tea and I wasn't even thinking and I had a slice of apple cinnamon cake! Lol. There goes my no refined sugar rule so I decided well I might as well have my cheat day today. Didn't have a cheat meal...just cheat snacks. Meals were still within what my ins and outs are. Did an earlier hot yoga class today at 4:30 and I felt really good doing it. Back on the wagon properly tomorrow though with my food!!

Food for today...
Breakfast - egg salad. Lemon water, green hydration drink
Morning tea - apple, apple cinnamon cake slice, crackers
Lunch - bacon and mushrooms
Dinner - green smoothie after yoga, ham and mushrooms


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