Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 5 - TLT

So today is my 'cheat' day. To be honest I wasn't overly excited about it. Kind of dreading it really. But I've had so many people say you need to have a cheat day or cheat meal. It helps your body get better accostomed to the lower caloric intake on the other days etc etc. But I still wasnt happy about it. I feel guilt for cheating...I feel like I've let myself down by cheating. I only had 1 cheat meal today. Couldn't handle cheating anymore than that!! It's bee a tradition in our household that Friday night is pizza night. So I are normally for breakfast and lunch and then went for my 5k run and had pizza for dinner. Did it taste awesome and remind me of all the things I've been missing the last 5 days...nope. To be honest it made me feel like crap. Yes slightly physically sick but more mentally like crap. Not sure what I'll do with my other cheat days/meals because I really don't want to do THIS again. As punishment (lol) I'm going to do the 6am hot yoga class in the morning. I'm sure I'll feel sick there after eating pizza tonight. Lol. Really though..,what my 'cheat' day has made me realise is that I don't really want that 'stuff' anymore at the moment. I'm liking how I'm feeling by all the healthy eating etc and I don't like how the crap makes me feel! Just another reinforcement that I'm making positive changes in my journey I guess!

My food for today...
Breakfast - egg salad, lemon water, green hydration drink
Morning tea - handful of crackers, nuts, seeds
Lunch - chicken salad with cucumber, carrot, beet root, tomato, cheese
Dinner - UUGGHHHH Pizza lol

See you in the hot yoga room in the morning!!

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