Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2

Hello friends!! Day 2 of my 60 day challenge is now complete!! And it was a pretty good day!! Started the day with my lemon water and then mixed up my green hydration drink for the first time ever!! Talking a look at it it looked pretty gross I must admit but it actually tasted pretty good!! Even Eve was taking swigs of it and didn't want to give it back!! Also had my fish oil supplement today and my coconut oil so I'm well on track for my 7 food/substances in!!

Mentally I was a bit fatigued today. Not sure if that's a result of cutting out refined sugars or the no carb thing!! I went grocery shopping today as well. Omgosh it was quite eye opening to stand there and actually read the labels thoroughly!! It seriously seems like everything has sugar in it!! Was trying to find an alternative 'snack' to things like crackers and potato chips and found these chickpea crackers and was like yum!! But then I checked the ingredients and yup...sugar added. Darn it!! Crazy how it's added to almost everything!! I did get a chance to make the bonfire egg salad today though!! And all I can say is yum, yum, yum!! Even Mia said to me at dinner "this is awesome mum!!"

Also did some reading today about the fast diet or the 5:2 diet. Definitely seems like something I want to experiment with during these 60 days. So tomorrow will be one of my 2 'fasting' days. Should've interesting to see how I feel after doing this for a while!!

Here's my food intake for the day...
Breakfast - lemon water, green hydration water, 3 hard boiled eggs
Lunch - salad with baby greens, carrot, beet root, cucumber, chicken, lemon water
Dinner - about 100gms of oven baked chicken breast, small amount of bonfire egg salad. Only had a small dinner as I went and did my hot yoga class tonight. Also had the green smoothie after my class.

Tomorrow is coming so it's time to get some all important zzzzzz's!!

Bye for now!!

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