Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 4 - TLT

I can't believe we have hit day 4 already! Only 56 days to go! Lol. No seriously though the last 4 days have actually been 'easier' than I thought they would be. Today Dr Espen posted a short video saying people were emailing saying they were struggling a bit, feeling overwhelmed etc.  It got me thinking today. Why am I not feeling those things??! I'm giving up a lot of bad habits food wise yet my body seems to be handling it well. I've already noticed a big increase in energy, mentally more aware and not a huge amount of cravings. I thought the cravings would be bad. Especially since I'm still having to  cook meals for my family that include some of the  things I'm not able to have.  But I'm doing ok! I'm assuming my exercise has helped curb cravings, help with energy etc as well but I'm sure others are exercising too!  I'm honestly not sure why I'm not 'suffering' like those people!! Maybe I should just be thankful but in the sane respect it makes me wonder if I'm doing something 'wrong' here! I suppose everyone's journey is different and this is just that very thing rearing it's head.

It was a positive day again with my food and exercise. I was able to get to an earlier hot yoga class late this afternoon rather than the evening class which I usually do so that meant I could go out for a nice 40min power walk tonight. I took a break from running tonight. I want  to do another 5k run tomorrow night to make 4 for this week!! Weighed myself today as well. Found out I'm 1.7kgs down since Monday so that's pretty awesome!!

Anyways, food for the day...
Breakfast - lemon water, egg salad with carrot and celery, green hydration drink
Morning tea - apple
Lunch - salad with carrot, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, cheese, left over steak from the family's dinner the night before
Afternoon tea - nuts and seeds, dried cranberries
Dinner - green smoothie after my hot yoga class, last serve of the egg salad!!

Tomorrow is my 'cheat' day. The handbook says a cheat day is good for you. I'm having a bit of trouble processing what I want to get out of my cheat day. I don't want to gorge myself all day on all my forbidden foods. I don't think that's the point. But I'm also not craving things in a big way either so I'm not sure. I was thinking I might have a cheat meal rather than a day. Friday is normally our traditional pizza night. Might have some pizza and hope it doesn't make me feel ill!! :/

See you tomorrow

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